4 Benefits of Working With a Filipino IT Solutions Provider

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4 Benefits of Working With a Filipino IT Solutions Provider

December 6, 2022

What are the benefits of working with a Filipino IT Solutions Provider? 

  1. A Large Talent Pool of IT Professionals
  2. Excellent English Speaking & Communication Skills 
  3. Affordable Rates
  4. Good Work Ethics
  5. Local Advantage

The demand for IT solutions just continues to increase across various industries. Companies of different sizes are always trying to find ways to improve and optimize their operations with their expertise. 

Instead of making use of an in-house IT team, many companies choose to outsource their IT solutions provider. In Southeast Asia, the Philippines is one of the best places to acquire experienced IT professionals. 

This article provides the various benefits of Filipino IT solutions providers. Keep reading to learn more!

A Large Talent Pool of IT Professionals

In the Philippines, the majority of its population is filled with new IT graduates, ready to apply their skills in the real world. The various colleges and universities in the Philippines provided them with the knowledge and skill sets needed to take on various tasks in the industry. 

There are over 100 universities nationwide that specialize and focus on information technology-related courses. These specializations combined with the eagerness Filipinos have for learning produce the best fresh graduates equipped with the right work ethics and understanding of their field. 

Excellent English Speaking & Communication Skills 

Excellent English Speaking & Communication Skills 

When dealing with Filipinos, you will not need to worry about a language barrier. Thanks to their ties with the United States in its history, Filipinos have adopted English as their second language. It’s used in the majority of schools from kindergarten to the tertiary level. Once they’ve started their careers, professionals still use English to communicate with each other. 

Because of this, the Philippines ranked number 2 in Asia’s English proficiency and 18th globally based on Education First’s 2021 English proficiency index. Aside from speaking and understanding the language, they also have both written and verbal communication. 

So, there will be fewer issues when it comes to communicating what needs to be done in various IT projects like the implementation of enterprise resource planning software. 

Affordable Rates

Many people outsource their IT solutions providers to save on costs. This allows companies to save on office space and equipment while getting the services they need. In recent years, the Philippines has been an ideal place to acquire services thanks to IT affordable rates and quality employees. 

With the reformation of its tax laws, foreign investors have started investing in the Philippines because of the cheap labor. International firms pay a very low price for taxes. This allows them to hire more Filipinos and provide them with the proper training required for their company. 

Lastly, compared to other Western countries, the labor rates in the Philippines are much lower. Despite this, Filipinos impress companies with the quality output that they provide, making the country a cost-effective solution for many.

Good Work Ethics

Good Work Ethics

Filipinos have many cultural similarities with Western Countries. Throughout history, it has experienced many Western Influences from being colonies of Spain and the United States. 

This allows them to have similar mindsets to many Western countries. This makes it easier for businesses to collaborate with Filipinos since they meet eye-to-eye when it comes to lifestyle and values. 

Additionally, education in the Philippines shaped many young minds to be diligent workers. This is why many foreign companies chose to hire them. They’ve been known for their hard work, dedication, and integrity. In an office setting, many Filipinos treat their colleagues and supervisors with respect. 

Local Advantage

One of the greatest benefits of working with a Filipino IT Solutions provider is their knowledge of local laws. 

The law is a tough thing to deal with — and when working with an international provider, you can’t be too sure that they understand the legalities, specifications, and requirements your business has to adhere to with your business processes. 

In that vein, you stand the risk of having an ERP system set up and implemented that can’t meet certain requirements (for example, the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) we use in the Philippines to prepare financial statements). This means you have to spend more money, in the long run, trying to make sure your system is compliant with local laws 

On the other hand, a Philippines-based partner has the advantage of being familiar with and knowledgeable about these requirements. From there, they know which specifications best fit said requirements and your business flow. 

Why Choose DynamIQ as your IT Solutions Provider? 

Here at DynamIQ, we always put our client’s needs first. We understand the importance of finding the right software that meets the needs of your business. That’s why we offer SAP Business One for enterprise resource planning. 

We help businesses in the implementation of this module. This software is meant to become a centralized database for core business functions — so we work closely with your teams to understand exactly how your business runs. This helps us create a custom framework that meets both your business requirements and goals. 

And, as your organization grows, SAP Business One will grow as well, since it’s a scalable solution both on-premise and on the cloud. 

Our work at DynamIQ does not end with the implementation of our software. Implementing new processes may take some time for all employees to get accustomed to, so we at DynamIQ are ready to help. We are here to provide the training, development, and support that you may need. 

Key Takeaway

This article highlighted the benefits of Filipino IT Solutions providers. The country is home to many young and skilled professionals, ready to assist companies in the IT field. Thanks to history and culture, Filipinos keep up with Western values and lifestyles. They are also known to be one of the world’s best English speakers. 

If you’re looking for an IT solutions provider in the Philippines, contact us here at DynamIQ. We are ready to assist you with your needs. We can also help you install the best ERP software since we are an authorized SAP Business One distributor in the Philippines.  

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