Our Solutions

    We are more than just a software vendor. We devise a total ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING (ERP) SYSTEM experience that is truly customer- focused and remarkably life centered to sustain a balance between your personal and professional priorities. Here are some of our products:

    SAP Business One

    SAP Business One is an application that lets you manage your entire business operations easily and effectively. It comes with built-in modules that represent the business areas of your operation.

    The main capabilities of the system range from financial management, sales and customer management, purchasing and inventory control, up to production planning, and project management. It also covers analytics and reporting so you can make timely decisions based on real-time data.

    SAP Business One is a full-scale and highly functional ERP system designed specifically for small businesses up to small and mid-size enterprises.

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    Make your business Run Easier with SAP Business One 10.0

    DynamIQ Portal

    DynamIQ Portal

    A practical yet powerful piece to extend your ERP solution effectively through the web. A capable and useful ERP platform like SAP Business One can cover opportunities to reform any process which may tip the balance between work and life.

    We have exclusively designed a secured, practical and web-based Portal to extend your SAP Business One data through the web giving you the flexibility to access and work on important business data anytime, anywhere.

    DynamIQ Tax Module

    While BIR’s intent to digitized is clear, many taxpayers oftentimes find themselves in disarray with the process because of its complicated forms and risky manual data entry. This is why businesses need a reliable accounting system in the Philippines.We have created an application suitably compatible with SAP Business One to reduce the tax filing bottlenecks and enhance paperless tax filing experience.

    DYNAMIQ BIR TAX MODULE, our proprietary taxation program, is designed to make tax filing and compliance easy and accessible at a click of a button. It is in compliance to the computerized accounting system (CAS) and in pursuance to BIR-issued Revenue Regulation (RR) 9-2009 and Revenue Memorandum 29-2002.

    DynamIQ Tax Module
    DynamIQ Barcoding

    DynamIQ Barcoding

    DYNAMIQ BARCODING is a barcode inventory system and a third-party integration for SAP Business One (SAP B1). It utilizes the logistics using barcoding and scanning items.