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Presline Steel Products Inc.

August 29, 2023
Presline Steel Products Inc. is a prominent Filipino corporation established in 1993 with a core focus on manufacturing high-quality metal parts and products tailored to the needs of the Philippine market.
I am Mary Grace Reyes, with an extensive 25-year tenure as the Head of Production Planning and Inventory Control at Presline Steel Products Inc. My role involves orchestrating production schedules and materials management, ensuring the seamlessness of our operations with a strong emphasis on efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
Prior to implementing SAP, our company grappled with challenges in materials, inventory, and production scheduling, which impacted our overall performance. Our decision to opt for SAP was driven by its standing as a world-renowned ERP system, coupled with its partnership with BEAS for production scheduling – an assurance of comprehensive solutions. Choosing DynamIQ as our partner was a natural progression. Their demonstration not only showcased SAP’s capabilities but also convincingly addressed our specific needs. This partnership has significantly transformed our operations, empowering us to streamline production, optimize inventory, and enhance overall efficiency.

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