6 Common Problems When Implementing a New Barcode Inventory System

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6 Common Problems When Implementing a New Barcode Inventory System

September 7, 2022

What are some common problems when implementing a new barcode system?

  1. Printing issues
  2. Different IT Systems
  3. High initial costs
  4. Installation
  5. Continuous maintenance
  6. Implementation training

In various industries, barcodes have proven to be useful and efficient for their systems and operations. Once applied, it saves a lot of time and helps reduce errors in the process. However, if you’re installing bar codes for the first time, you may come across hurdles. This article enumerates some problems of new barcode inventory systems you can encounter along with some tips to overcome them. 

Printing issues

To be implemented into your store’s systems, barcodes need to be printed and stuck on various items in your inventory. So, a printer is required to produce the barcodes. Your business can encounter many issues with printing.

This can bring about many negative impacts on your business. It creates a sort of domino effect. Delayed printing of barcodes leads to delays in receiving orders, preparation, and even in-store pickup. It can also take longer for your business to fully implement the barcode system when printers stop functioning.

To avoid these issues, make sure you are using a model cut out for printing large volumes of barcodes. Look for one that is designed for commercial use since printers come at various speeds. You can look into purchasing a ruggedized printer, a commercial type made to withstand various factors like dust, temperature changes, and accidental drops.

You should also invest in quality supplies. This is critical for barcode printing efficiency. It will also maximize the lifespan of the printers you have on hand. Find print media and ribbons that are compatible with your printer. This will lessen the risk of shortening the shelf life of your printer heads and lessen the maintenance expenses on the machine.

Different IT systems

When implementing a barcode system, it’s ideal that all your data is centralized. Businesses waste a lot of time uploading data from various systems and applications. They may also be doing manual processes and correcting errors in the process. 

Barcoding inventory systems should be integrated with an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. This makes all processes in your business run smoothly under one centralized system. That’s why it’s ideal to choose an IT solutions provider who can help you with your needs.  

At DynamIQ, we offer a powerful ERP software: SAP Business One. It is an IT solution designed specifically for small and middle-sized businesses. SAP Business one is a highly functional ERP system that works with a barcode module and a centralized database. It contains all essential functions in a user-friendly interface. 

The barcoding inventory system of SAP Business one does not only optimize your inventory but also provides your business with a systematic approach to your procurement process. Through these barcodes, you are able to complete an order-to-pay cycle from requesting vendor quotes to paying your suppliers. 

High initial costs

High initial costs

The cost of buying and installing a new barcode system in your business can be quite costly. This may be felt by businesses that have a small and modest inventory. Purchasing the barcode system may come out to be costly compared to the return on investment (ROI).

For businesses with a modest inventory, make sure to calculate before considering purchasing a barcode system. 

With SAP Business One, you are given options for low-cost packages. This IT solution in the Philippines is designed to adapt and grow alongside your business. The entire platform is open for future growth and innovation. 


It is a daunting task to begin the installation of a new barcode inventory system. It is a time-consuming process.

It will take hours to print and place barcode stickers on every single item you have in stock. Once the installation has been completed, the barcodes save you plenty of time in the long run. Get the help of your entire staff during installation to speed up the process. 

Continuous maintenance

All kinds of technology require maintenance. It’s how you’ll ensure that all systems are running smoothly and efficiently. It is the same for your barcode system. It needs special attention for all processes to always be up to date and working. 

For your barcode inventory, you’ll need to be wary of many environmental factors. These can affect the print of the codes placed on your items. There are many things that can degrade the labels like direct sunlight and temperature changes. To avoid this, choose a proper place to store your items. You’ll also need to be mindful of scratches and abrasions since this can damage the labels as well.

Implementation training

Implementation training

Your employees and staff need to be on the same page with a new inventory system in place. Everyone must understand how the system works, how to take care of it, and how to use it. This training may take some time learning. Be patient as your employees navigate through the new IT solution. 

It’s important that everyone undergo training because barcoding affects many factors in the business. It is not only used for inventory tracking but it can also be integrated into the shipping and receiving processes. That’s why employees need to learn how to properly use and understand the different features of your barcoding inventory system. 

Key Takeaway

This article stated for you some common problems of new barcode inventory systems. As you begin your installation, it’ll be inevitable to run into a few hiccups. We’ve provided a few solutions to help you overcome these hurdles. Remember in the long run, this new system makes the process of your business more productive and efficient compared to other systems. 

If you’re looking for the top barcode inventory system, choose SAP Business One. It is a centralized and highly functional ERP system that contains barcode modules and other essential business functions. Message us here at DynamIQ today. We are an official distributor of SAP Business One in the Philippines. 

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