How DynamIQ's Support Services Keep Your Business Running

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How DynamIQ’s Support Services Keep Your Business Running

March 27, 2024

How can DynamIQ’s support services keep your business running?

  1. Assists with SAP BIR CAS accreditation
  2. Provides consultation with SAP B1 specialists
  3. Offers ERP system training
  4. Resolves and enhances functionality gaps
  5. Ensures hands-on technical and helpdesk support


  • DynamIQ offers assistance with SAP BIR CAS accreditation, simplifying the process and improving accounting procedures for large taxpayers.
  • SAP B1 specialists are there to help businesses choose the right ERP software and maximize its benefits for their unique needs.
  • With comprehensive ERP system training beyond the basics, DynamIQ ensures users that they can be confident, empowered, and comfortable with the new system.
  • Through SAP Business One, DynamIQ offers customized solutions and enhancements without hindering future expansions.

In a global business environment where SAP software is utilized by 34,320 companies worldwide, the undeniable impact of this solution is clear. There is a staggering 74% acknowledging its role in accelerating market innovations. However, the complex architecture of this system often becomes a hurdle for businesses trying to keep pace. That is why it is important to select a partner like DynamIQ, a trusted SAP Gold Partner, capable of not only demystifying these complexities but also providing steadfast guidance and support.

In this article, we will explore how DynamIQ’s support and services will keep your business running, ensuring that your journey with SAP is comprehensible and maximally productive.

Assists With SAP BIR CAS Accreditation

Large taxpayers in the country are mandated by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) to have a BIR-Certified Computerized Accounting System (CAS). This is when a company is required to have a software-based solution designed to handle financial transactions and generate accounting records electronically.

During this application, we at DynamIQ can help you get through the process smoothly. We not only set up this BIR-approved system but also assist you with all the paperwork, requirements, and demonstrations.

Once approved, your business will enjoy a simpler accounting process, can check tax transactions online, improve its business flow, and more.

Provides Consultation With SAP B1 Specialists

Provides Consultation With SAP B1 Specialists

Choosing the right ERP software for your business is not an easy step. That is why at DynamIQ, our specialists are here to make it easier. As you explore different options, we offer personalized consultations to help you figure out which features matter most for your current and future needs.

Our specialists can guide you in embracing digital transformation. We show you how we can customize the software to your business process. You can expect to have a more streamlined process for projects to run more smoothly — all of which are made possible through SAP Business One.

With our consultation services, we aim to provide practical insights that empower you to confidently choose and maximize the benefits of SAP B1 for your unique business needs.

Offers ERP System Training

Transitioning to a new system can feel overwhelming initially, especially for users unfamiliar with the platform. Beyond the correct deployment of the system, it is crucial to ensure that users receive proper training to harness the full potential of the new system.

We understand this, which is why our training programs go beyond the basics. We acknowledge that users may find the shift daunting initially. Our training not only covers the technical aspects but also focuses on ensuring users feel self-sufficient, empowered, and comfortable when working with the new system.

This approach ensures that teams not only understand the system but can confidently use it to its full capacity, maximizing the benefits of their ERP investment.

Resolves and Enhances Functionality Gaps

Resolves and Enhances Functionality Gaps

When the standard features of SAP Business One don’t meet your needs, we step in with a team of skilled data scientists. They’re experts at filling any gaps in functionality by creating custom solutions, integrations, and improvements.

Using SAP Business One’s application programming interface (API), our team develops personalized applications and solutions that match your unique business processes.

Importantly, these enhancements won’t cause problems for your future growth or upgrades. They’re designed to let you adapt and grow smoothly.

Ensures Hands-On Technical and Helpdesk Support

After implementing your ERP system, the journey is just beginning, and DynamIQ’s Helpdesk Support Specialists are here to help you navigate it. They ensure you feel supported and confident, knowing that assistance is always available when you encounter challenges with your new system.

Our support specialists are available from 8 AM to 5 PM, offering live support via phone, email, and remote access. They provide clear guidance on basic application inquiries, administrative tasks, system matters, feature setup, module configurations, and backup and restore procedures.

Key Takeaway

Support should not be confined to the moment of implementation; rather, it should extend as a continuous guidance system, aiding businesses to thrive, succeed, and keep pace with the ever-evolving innovations of SAP solutions.

The way how DynamIQ’s support and services will keep your business running is a commitment to be by your side throughout your business journey, offering tailored guidance, and addressing challenges promptly.

Partner with DynamIQ today and ensure your operations not only comply with standards but also continuously evolve to meet the dynamic demands of the market. Embrace continuous growth and success – contact us now!

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